XiaoMing Gao


Professor XiaoMing Gao received his Bachelor's degree in Peking University Medical Centerin 1984 and Ph.D. degree in Wellcome Research Laboratories in the United Kingdom. He performed his post-doc training in Andrew McMichael's lab at University of Oxford. Because of his significant contributions to the studies of Infectious and autoimmune diseases, he became the first Chinese ever received full financial support by the Wellcome Trust as a senior scientist. Professor Gao organized his own research team in 1994, at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London. His studies were focused on the pathogenesis and treament of autoimmune diseases. At 1997, professor Gao was recruited by Peking University Health Science Center.and served as the director of the Department of Immunology. His research was then expanded to include the mechanisms of immune regulation and immune responses in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes. His major academic accomplishments include more than 50 SCI papers with over 800 citations, He also wrote or directed the publication of 12 textbooks in immunology. Professor Gao is currently Dean of the School of Basic Sciences, SooChow University, Co-Director of the Institute of Biology and Medical Sciences, and Associate Dean of SooChow University Medical center.

Research Interest

Immunological Function of Calreticulin