Weiping Wang

Dr.Wang Weiping is currently the Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Social Sciences, Soochow University, Professor of the Yangtze River Scholar Program of the Ministry of Education, and Librarian of Suzhou. He was born on November,1962, originated from Liyang, Jiangsu. He secured his bachelor degree in Soochow University in 1983, his master degree in 1988 and doctor degree at National Hiroshima University, Japan in 1997.

Prof. Wang has been working on research and education focusing on Chinese City History, Social History, Jiangnan Regional History (Wu Culture History) and Local chronology. “The subject The History of Wu Culture” chaired by him was awarded the Excellent Video Course of the Ministry of Education. The “The History of Wu Culture” chaired by him was rated as the Excellent Online Course of Jiangsu Province. He is the PI of two National Social Science Fund Project, the PI of five provincial or ministerial funds including Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Key Fund, Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Social Science and fund of National College Ancient Books Collation and Research Work Committee. He is the editor of “Southern Jiangsu History and Society”, “Research on Wu Culture”, “Suzhou Literature Series” and other five seriesadding up to dozens of categories. He is the editor of several textbooks such as “Social Assistance”, “Liberal Arts of Jiangsu”. He has published more than ten monographies including “Research on the History of Jiangnan City during the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Focusing on Suzhou”, “The Historical Outline of China Charity ”, “Research on Genealogy of Charity in Jiangnan Area in the Qing Dynasty”. He has also published more than 180 journal articles at home and abroad, appearing in “Social Sciences in China”, “Historical Research”, “Journal of Chinese Historical Studies”, “Sociological Study”, “Ethno-national Studies”, “Historical Research (Japan)”, “Hiroshima Journal of Oriental History (Japan)” and so on, among which more than 30 articles have been reprinted by “Xinhua Digest”, “Chinese Social Science Abstracts”, “Publications reprinted by Renmin University”, “Japan-China Question”, etc. He is awarded the second prize for Outstanding Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award twice, the third prize for the same award for the third time and the second prize for Outstanding Jiangsu Provincial University Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award for the third time. Because of his expertise, he has several main academic affiliations including the member of the Ministry of Education History Discipline Teaching Steering Committee, Executive Director of China Society for Social History, Director of China Economic History Society, Director of China Social Security Society, Director of Fan Zhongyan Research Association, Associate chairman of Jiangsu Economic History Society and Regional Culture Research Association, Chairman of Suzhou Historical Society, Japan Hiroshima Historical Society Overseas Appraisers and so on. He is the guest speaker of “Lecture Room” of CCTV.