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When it comes to Broadway Proper Assisted Living in Tucson options, there are many senior assisted living homes, senior assisted living facilities, hospice, respite. senior and in-home care options in Tucson and around Pima County. Because there are so many options, it is crucial for you to make sure that the senior care you choose will meet the level of care your family member or loved one requires. That’s where Southern Arizona Placement Agency of Tucson comes in.

How SAPA can help you with Broadway Proper Assisted Living in Tucson

With over 20 years of experience in senior placement options, our owner and staff can connect you with the most viable resources in the community at no cost to the client. Our staff will personally take out the time to visit you and your loved one to assess their level of need. Once this process is complete, you will be invited out to the facility of care that we recommend and toured to ensure that it meets your requirements and is affordable. There are many options available and we will work you until we locate the best level of care for your loved one.

In addition our team will conduct a two week follow up visit in order to provide continuity of care and additional supports to your loved one as well as the assisted living home, assisted living community or the in-home care team. Often times additional social work is needed to further promote quality of life for our clients. After this initial visit, if there are no concerns, Southern Arizona Placement Agency will continue to visit your loved one every 60 days. We feel it is important to have ongoing assessments and be a part of the care team. If your loved one is being placed in hospice or respite care we conduct the initial visit within 72 hours.

Our Out of Town Families who need Broadway Proper Assisted Living in Tucson

Southern Arizona Placement Agency understands how difficult it can be to find resources for a loved one in Tucson when you are from out of state. SAPA works closely with out of town families to keep everyone informed of how their loved one is doing with an in home care team or in their new living environment. We specialize in memory, dementia and alzheimer care and we know that due to diminished cognitive capacity an extra set of eyes is greatly appreciated by the family.

Southern Arizona Placement Agency is socially responsible in the Tucson community. We understand how diverse senior needs are and we strive continually to partner with other agencies relevant to senior care. Currently we are partnering with memory care communities in Tucson in order to offer free virtual dementia tours for families who have a loved one suffering with dementia. The dementia tour allows you to experience first hand much of the difficulties that our seniors with dementia are experiencing.

Please feel free to call us at 1-833-225-7272 for the tour or for any resource information including Pima Council on Aging, Adult Protective Services, Arizona Long Term Care and Veteran Affairs.

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