The 6th Manufacturing Technology Practice Teaching and Innovative Fabrication Competition for Engineering Colleges In Jiangsu Province Is Held in the University

The 6thManufacturing Technology Practice Teaching and Innovative Fabrication Competition for Engineering Colleges in Jiangsu Province was held in the Northern campus of the University from April 22nd to April 24th. Over 300 people including 53 students' teams from 32 colleges in Jiangsu Province and 22 supervisors in total participated in the competition.

A simple opening ceremony was held in the afternoon on April 22nd. Zhang Mingyuan, Executive Director for the competition and Professor of Southeast University, Vice Chancellor of Jiangsu University Yuan Yinnan, and Head of Education Department Cai Hua gave their speeches at the opening ceremony and stated: practice teaching is an integral part of the higher education system and a key approach for competency training; colleges and universities shall strengthen training base construction, promote the engineering teaching reform and development through improving practice teaching and putting forward new approaches for practice and training. This competition has grown into an important force in improving the engineering practice standard and base construction of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province. Colleges and universities must incorporate innovation-based competition into practice teaching curriculum in order to achieve competition-driven education and learning, improve the engineering practice ability of undergraduate students, enhance innovation and self-employment thinking, cultivatecooperative spirit, improve practice instructors' teaching skill, push the higher education, innovation and self-employment education to a higher level and meet the demands of the "Made In China-2025 Plan".

The judges and players for the competition also made their vows at the opening ceremony.

During the competition, participants were required to make a "distance counter" to accurately measure the distance between two ends. Teachers had to participate in a practice teaching contest at the processing center comprising a lecture and a presentation. The competition also held an innovation and self-employment forum where a number of corporate representatives shared their own core technologies and innovative ideas, and they also had extensive interactions with all the teachers and students present.

After three days' intense competition, our students won three 1st prizes, three 2nd prizes, and one 3rd prize. Our teachers also won a 1st and 2nd prize each. Winners will be announced in the provincial notice after the competition. We have also been granted the Outstanding Organization Award for our excellent performance.

This competition aims to "emphasize students' practical capacities, teachers' practice teaching skill and encourage innovation in learning and teaching". During each competition, judges can always see the significant improvement of students' practical ability and instructors' teaching skill and the great vitality of this event. The competition also sees the emergence of a great number of highly qualified talents with remarkable innovative spirit and practical ability. The whole competition has fully revealed the academic and professional performance of science students in Jiangsu and the excellent engineering practice and education skill in Jiangsu Province.