The "4th Soochow University Radioactive Medicine Development Strategy Seminar" was Successfully Held

During May 14 - 15, the "4th Radioactive Medicine Development Strategy Seminar" of the Department of Medicine of Soochow University was held at the Dushu Lake Campus. A total of 150 people including relevant leaders, experts, teachers and students were invited to attend the seminar.

The seminar focused on the following themes: 1. The university's near-term (2016) and medium-term development goals (2017-2020) and relevant measures; 2.Refining research direction and striving to make significant achievement breakthroughs;3. Deploying school development measures in accordance with nationalpolicies.

"Radioactive medicine has distinctive features and prominent advantages. The school will further refine research direction, set clear goals and reach a consensus. Development of radioactive medicine should be aimed at international frontier and rely on discipline platform construction to make more research achievements and better serve national and local economic development," Vice-president Chen Weichang pointed out.

Chai Zhifang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of School for Radiological Medicine and Protection made a keynote speech with the topic of "What is the development direction of radioactive medicine?" to analyze the problems that the current radioactive medicine development is facing. "With the society's strong requirements for radioactive medicine, nuclear safety,existence of nuclear threats and China's nuclear energy development,radioactive medicine is facing new development opportunities. Experts in radioactive medicine and relevant disciplines should consider the situation, face the challenges, seek for new development directions and opportunities and have the courage to innovate so as to make our school's radioactive medicine stronger,"he said.

At the seminar, experts of our university and others made a speech respectively. They had a discussion about the radioactive medicine's development direction, international trend, future highlights,talent cultivation and introduction, international and domestic cooperation andt arget location and proposed helpful suggestions.

Wang Zhuojun, Party Secretary of the University, fully appreciated the significance and timeliness of this seminar in his summary speech. "Inrecent years, radioactive medicine has seen great achievements in development and presented a good development trend," he said. He also pointed out thati nnovation is the development engine and reform is the igniter of innovation,so we should free our mind, dare to reform, expand international cooperation,broaden international view, strengthen collaborative innovation, make use of the advantages of interdisciplinarity, gather more high-quality technological resources, exploit our own potential to actively solve the hot issues concerning radioactive medicine and finally realize the leap-style strategic development goal of radioactive medicine.