Our University Held the "Kick-off Meeting for NSFC Application of 2017"

On the afternoon of September 27, our university's "Kick-off Meeting & 1st Seminar for NSFC Application of 2017" was held in the Academic Hall of Binglin Library at Dushu Lake Campus. Lu Jianmei, Vice-president of Soochow University and Professor Li Mingtao from Sun Yat-sen University were invited to make a report respectively. A total of more than 300 people including the main leaders, responsible leaders and scientific research secretaries of relevant units and the personnel to apply for the NSFC projects of 2017 attended the meeting.

Vice-president Lu Jianmei comprehensively introduced the situations of our university's applying for the NSFC projects of 2016 and the funds received, gave full affirmation to the achievements our university has made in the aspect of NSFC of 2016 and deployed the work of applying for the NSFC projects of 2017. "The achievements our university has made in the fund work cannot do without the hard work of the leaders at all levels and all teachers. Our teachers should know the rope, set up confidence, actively apply and seek opportunities. All units should make greater efforts to elaborately organize, check at each level, make good use of policies and do work with a down-to-earth attitude," she said. "In 2017, our university should pay attention to the fund work with everyone actively participating in the work, improve quality and strengthen communication. We should make unremitting efforts for the smooth development of fund work of 2017," she stressed.  

Professor Li Mingtao, as a senior expert at Sun Yat-sen University, has rich experience in and unique understanding of NSFC application. He made a report titled "Problems Existing in NSFC Application and Corresponding Countermeasures", putting forward the steps and matters needing attention in writing fund bidding plan with scientific problems and scientific hypotheses as the principal line. Based on specific examples, he explained how to concentrate on crucial points in the writing process to attract the panel judges' attention. He also proposed three elements for success and gave detailed explanation and asked the present teachers to expand their way of thinking. After the report was finished, Professor Li Mingtao conducted interaction with the present teachers, patiently answering the questions raised by the teachers.  

At present, Soochow University's NSFC application work of 2017 has been launched comprehensively.