The "4th National Conference of IFMSA-China" was Held at Our University

During September 24 - 25, the "4th National Conference of IFMSA-China" was held at our university's headquarters campus. The conference was undertaken by the Student Work Office of the Medical College and SMSA. A total of 110 representatives from 15 member schools including Peking Union Medical College, Peking University Health Science Center, XiangYa School of Medicine, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University and Tongji University School of Medicine gathered together at the Academic Hall of our university's headquarters campus.

Professor Huang Rui, Executive Deputy Director of the Medical College, delivered a speech representing the organizer, introducing the outstanding achievements and contributions of SMSA since its establishment and expressing acknowledgement of SMSA's achievements and hope for all medical students.

Xu Haopeng, incumbent Chairman of IFMSA-China, made the annual development report titled "We are Different", summarizing the responsibilities and the achievements of each committee of IFMSA-China, looking forward to the future work direction and hoping that IFMSA-China will become a more internationalized, more inclusive and most powerful platform for the international exchange of Chinese medical students and let the world feel our difference from the rest.  

Before the opening ceremony, Professor Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno Ⅲ from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University as a participating representative made an English lecture with global health as the theme, interacting with other representatives in the way of problem presentation, explaining the concept and main idea of global health and guiding the medical students to make unremitting endeavor for it.

In the link of development report, all members attentively listened to the work development reports made by the heads of different modules, put forward proposals and discussed and formulated new rules and regulations. The SCORA module of the Medical College of Soochow University's successful application for Abbvie Special Funded Project of 2016 of the Colleges and Universities' AIDS Protecting Funds of Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control became a highlight of the conference. The SCORE module's sharing of the problems and experience concerning exchange students after coming back home also attracted people's attention, as these problems can not only help exchange students summarize their different feelings during the period of going abroad but also provide guidance and reference for late comers. Capital Medical University and Nanjing Medical University became formal members upon deliberation.    

The conference has facilitated the exchange between our university's medical students and the students of other famous medical colleges, where they could share experience in international exchange and thus harvested a lot. In the future, SMSA will provide more international exchange opportunities for medical students and try to develop into a high-quality, high-standard exchange platform for medical students.  

IFMSA-China was founded in 2009 and now 15 famous colleges and universities including Peking Union Medical College, Peking University Health Science Center and Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University have joined it. It is aimed at providing a domestic and international exchange and cooperation platform for the students of medical colleges and universities nationwide, broadening medical students' vision and improving medical students' comprehensive quality.