2016 National R&D Focus Plan - "Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials" Special Project Kick-off Meeting Successfully Held

Recently,the kick-off meeting for the 2016 national R&D focus plan- "Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials" and its special project of "KeyTechnologies and Production Demonstration for Efficient Large-area OLED Illumination Device Fabrication" was held at the College of Nano Science & Technology of Soochow University. Lu Jianmei, Vice President of Soochow University, along with Shi Dongmei, Divisional Materials Director of the Department of High-tech Development and Industrialization of the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as Yang Bin, leader of the key special project, and project tracking experts, project team consultant experts, industry experts and representatives of other project participants all attended the kick-off meeting.  

Vice President Lu Jianmei introduced Soochow University's current research achievements in OLED and future research plans, and promised that Soochow University would effectively handle the planning and implementation of this project.

Shi Dongmei and Yang Bin delivered speeches, stressing that national key special projects should emphasize project management, the project execution, and public transparency of project information. They encouraged the parties involved in the project to work more practically and make great efforts to overcome technical difficulties so as to make a greater contribution to the development of China's OLED industry.

The project team invited five senior technical experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University and private enterprises to act as project team consultant experts and issued a letter of appointment to them.

Project leader Prof. Liao Liangsheng reported in detail on the overall situation of the project and the arrangements for plan implementation to the leaders and experts present at the meeting, and clearly defined the responsibilities of each unit participating in the project so as to ensure smooth fulfillment of the project tasks and objectives. Persons in charge of different areas introduced their own research objectives in detail, along with their tasks and corresponding work plans.    

After attentively listening to the reports, project tracking experts and project team consultant experts conducted heated discussions about the development and specific implementation of the project, and put forward opinions and suggestions concerning shortcomings in their work, and developed an improved and more reliable project implementation plan.

Well begun is half done. The successful holding of the project kick-off meeting makes the project team clearly know their objectives, unify their thoughts,strengthen their sense of responsibility and increase their confidence incompleting the project.