"China New Urbanization Forum 2016" Held in Suzhou

On November 20, the "China New Urbanization Forum 2016" was held in Suzhou, with the theme of "Innovations in the Transformation and Development of China's Urbanization". More than 300 experts and scholars from more than 50 government departments, colleges and universities, and private enterprises participated in the forum's exchange and discussion.

Tian Xiaoming, Vice-president of Soochow University and Chairman of the Soochow University Think Tank, delivered a speech at the forum. He pointed out that the discussing of innovation in the transformation and development of China's urbanization is very significant to our current society. "The new wave of urbanization must be more people oriented, coordinated, and sustainable. New urbanization no longer just expansion of city scale and mere population increases, but a transformation of social structure and lifestyle. It must comply with general development trends as well as wider social trends, and it will be a major shift from traditional cities' development patterns," he said.

Professor Xu Zhishun, Vice-chairman of the Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences, summarized the developmental trends of Jiangsu's new urbanization: more people-oriented, much more emphasis on layout optimization, with strong focuses on innovation, natural ecology, and cultural heritage.

The forum was split into two parts, the keynote speech and the roundtable forum. Chan Soo Sen, former Minister of State to the Singapore Prime Minister's Office and Chairman of the Board of Singapore SCP Consultants, gave a speech, saying that the three factors of economic development, ecological protection, and social cohesion, are necessary to construct citiescities that enjoy both environmental protection and sustainable development.  Pan Yu'en, Director General of the Investment Operations Department of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), pointed out that the AIIB will be devoted to improving the work of infrastructure construction. "On the basis of effectively completing the projects approved by the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, AIIB will actively promote the role of interconnectivity in the development of urbanization and encourage and welcome private capital investment in infrastructure," said Pan. Deng Yongheng, Academic Dean of the National University of Singapore (NUS), Dean of the NUS Real Estate Institute and head of the NUS Department of Real Estate, gave a keynote speech as well. At the roundtable forum, all guests conducted heated discussions on "urban transformation and social governance innovation" and "urban transformation and city-industry integration."